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Sanggah or Merajan

29 Avril 2008, 00:43am

Publié par Emma

A Bali Aga Village house is divided into uniform residential plots (cf article 28/04/08)or compounds enclosed on all sides by a wall of clay or brick. Living quater (the bale dauh) are enclosed pavillons for sleeping, cooking (the paon) (cf article 15/04/08) and storage, with large verandahs for work and socializing. The courtyard (natah) are generally floored with paked earth and are the symbolic centre of the domestic microcosm. Ancestors are honoured in the private house temple (the Sanggah or merajan). Most compounds house extended families of the male line. They may not be sold. Upon the death of the occupant, if there is noheir the property reverts to the village.

Bangli area, Bali
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