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Chiang Kai-shek

18 Juin 2008, 00:49am

Publié par Emma

Chiang Kai-shek
, (Oct 31, 1887 - Apr 5, 1975) served as Generalissimo of the national government of the Republic of China (ROC) from 1928 until his death in 1975. When Sun Yat-sen  died in 1925, Kai-shek took control of the Kuomintang (KMT). He became the overall leader of the ROC in 1928. Chiang led China in theSecond Sino-Japanese War, during which Chiang's stature within China weakened because of his constant attempts to eliminate the communist party, but his international prominence grew. During the civil war (1927-1949), he attempted to eradicate the Chinese Communists but ultimately failed, forcing his KMT government to escape to Taiwan, where he continued serving as the President of the Republic of China (Taiwan, Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu) and Director-General of the KMT until his death. From Wikipedia
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